Sunday, April 8, 2012

How to get more visitors to a blog.

I have found this blog for about a week and there is not much done to get lots of traffic. I have experience with another blogs that generated tons of visitors. It is quite important to add lots of quality content. I have big plans for this blog. So I constantly keep in mind about the visitors. I add quality content and social bookmark this blog and ping every post. I will give you strategies that generates lots of traffic.

Strategy 1 focus on keyword research: If you are going to target a keyword that gets 500-10000 searches per month please do consider that you focus on related keywords which has low competition. If you want to rank first on Google then you must optimize your content for the targeted keywords. If you want to find the low competition keyword then use free Google keyword tool. It is an important tool if you are article marketing.

Strategy 2 Add content frequently: As we all know content is king it is almost cliche but it is no joke. If you like to get a piece of the pie of the global and local searches for certain keywords then for sure you have to add well optimized content. I think with blogging you have to add at least 5 posts per week. I am trying to add 6 posts per week. I am happy if I can add more. I know for sure that fresh content work. I was making money online with another blog called This blog got 32 backlinks.

Strategy 3 Build your list: If you are blogging it is so important to e-mail the subscribers that you have written a new blog post and this will give you more traffic when the readers social bookmark your blog and send couple of hundred visitors. You can give the chance to subscribe to your blog by e-mail. Go to and sign up for an account.

Strategy 4 Interlink your posts: If you interlink the posts and show the search engines that your posts are related the search engines will rank your blog in the search engines. Google will show you love by ranking your blog. If you know the blog Problogger then you know that Darren Rowse do lots of interlinking. Do not sleep on the fact that interlinking is very important to rank.

Strategy 5 Comment on blogs: If you comment on blogs you can for sure get related backlinks. You can for sure get traffic. There are free and paid comment software. I found this software called it is really a piece of work. I think this is a great tool to build backlinks.

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